7 Been in 7 days"

    From Trieste to Tirana 24 June – 1 July 2023

    in the Land of Eagles"

    Tirana to Tirana 2 – 8 July 2023

    7 Been in 7 days"

    From Trieste to Tirana 24 June – 1 July 2023

    in the Land of Eagles"

    Tirana to Tirana 2 – 8 July 2023

Balkans TT

BalkansTT was born as “Trieste Tirana”, 7 states in 7 days, through the northern and central Balkans, the last reserve of wild beauty in the heart of Europe: Infinite frontiers and centuries of history in about 2.000 kilometers from cosmopolitan and Central European Trieste to the youngest European capital, Tirana. This tour, proposed in the three versions Road/Soft/Hard In 2023 takes place from 24 June to 1 July.

Then we got a taste for it, and we have designed a second itinerary that explores the southern part of Albania to the north of Greece and then closes the circle again in Tirana: the “Tirana-Tirana” -proposed in Two versions: Road and OFFroad– In 2023 takes place from 2 to 8 July.

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BalkansTT Trieste-Tirana: 7 states in 7 days

A breathtaking rally in the last reserve of wild beauty in the heart of Europe.

7 states in 7 days: together we will cross infinite frontiers and centuries of history in 2.000 kilometers through the Balkans, a place of encounter and confrontation between peoples of the most diverse origins and cultures.

This region, already rich in a harsh solitary peculiar charm, we will know it from a point of view that will make the BalkansTT a truly unforgettable experience.

A "motorcycle tourism in nature", in three "tailor-made" versions according to the various tastes:
1. OFFROAD SOFT that alternates beautiful roads with a light off-road vehicle perfectly enjoyable by any driver riding road enduros
2. OFFROAD HARD for those who really want to drive in a mid-level tourist offroad
3. ON THE ROAD all asphalt dedicated to road bikes.

All three versions will give the emotion of a total immersion in a natural and human environment of formidable intensity.

BalkansTT Tirana-Tirana

For those who have tasted Trieste-Tirana and have been struck by the magic of these regions, or for those who are already a Balkan veteran, we have designed a route that explores the southern part to the northern tip of Greece, and then close the ring again in Tirana.

Goodies of this tour are Berat, “City of a hundred windows”, the canyon of the Osum River, the gorges of Vikos and the “meteors”, The mysterious karst spring known as “Blue eye” and Gjirokastër.

A very nice journey that we offer in two versions:
1. OFFROAD that alternates beautiful roads with so much off-road tourist medium level perfectly enjoyable by any driver riding road enduro
2. ON THE ROAD all asphalt dedicated to road bikes.

BalkansTT HARD / SOFT / road
from 24 to 1 July 2023


day 1 • Saturday 24 June 2023
Let's get ready for the event!
Meeting in the afternoon in Trieste, then we quickly cross the first border and go down together to Kozina (Slovenia) where we stop, in a point easily accessible even by those who can only arrive in the evening. Hours 19,00 briefing.
Approximately 30 km

day 2 • Sunday 25 June
Plitvice National Park
They begin to taste the first off-road sections, with some truly spectacular passages suspended between the sea and the mountains, and then together you reach the Plitvice Lakes Nation Park. On the way to the Confederation of Bosnia and Herzegovina we visit the old DC3 plane abandoned near the tunnels of the anti-atomic base (abandoned) largest in Europe, then we pass the customs and arrive in the lively town of Bihac where we stay overnight.
Approximately 300 km

day 3 • Monday 26 June
Deserted highlands across Bosnia
We face a long mixed road/off-road stretch sliding over almost uninhabited mountains and plateaus throughout central Bosnia and Herzegovina, to Mostar (Bosnia And Herzegovina), fabulous city that will give us an enchanting evening suspended over the famous bridge.
Approximately 340 Kilometer

day 4 • Tuesday 27 June
Offroad from dawn to dusk!
Perhaps the most beautiful stage, tough and exciting of the whole BalkansTT, of those that will remain in your muscles for days and in memories forever!

A full day off-road, except at noon a small detour to restore tanks and pilots. Throughout the day you chase wide views; what will remain indelibly imprinted in the memory and in the heart embraces large stone sarcophagi of the Middle Ages with the mysterious inscriptions and humanoid figures that look like extraterrestrials ... narcotic! And then in the afternoon we will face a canyon with over 2.000 meters of precipice, with hairpin bends carved into the rock to a narrow gorge – better not to tell you what the locals call it!

The Soft Group / Strada will instead go up the spectacular Neretva valley and will have the whole afternoon available to enjoy Sarajevo, the magical capital of the Balkans, that – after the long tragic parenthesis of the war – is regaining its charm!
Approximately 160 km

day 5 • Wednesday 28 June
To Montenegro
We continue towards the south-east descending the formidable valley of the Drina, and then we begin to immerse ourselves in the wild landscape of the mountains of Montenegro, until arrival in the delightful mountain village of Zabljak.
Approximately 200 km

day 6 • Thursday 29 June
the Durmitor, what an enchantment!
There are no words to describe the wonders kept in the mountains of the Durmitor Park, and in particular the protected area Biogradska Gora. A day to live and drive, unforgettable...
Approximately 200 km

day 7 • Friday 30 June
Old Europe, Good bye
We cross Kosovo immersed in large wild forests to head along the Drin valley towards the so-called Albanian Dolomites to the city of Kukes, meeting point between the waters of the two largest rivers in the country.
Approximately 250 km

day 8 • Saturday 1 July
The last "special stage" before the finish line!
We continue south with a crescendo of driving: we first walk along one of the most evocative dirt roads on the north-eastern front of the Diber region along the Drin River, and then a long gallop nice tough towards our final finish in Tirana. Equally spectacular is the route of the road group.
Approximately 270 km

BalkansTT Tirana-Tirana OFFroad
from 2 to 8 July 2023


day 1 • Sunday 2 July 2023
Durres – Tirana – Berat
Arrival at the port of Durres, landing and first meeting of the participants in Tirana. Leaving the Albanian capital, if there are no delays, we immediately face a first dirt road in the mountains to the east to reach Elbasan while the roaders will reach Cerrik. We will set a second meeting point on the road for those who are late and then we will continue to Berat for the overnight stay. Berat is fascinating because it enjoys a particular geographical position in a basin between the mountains. The Castle and the Osum river frame the city of the "One Hundred Windows" home of the first and renowned university of Albania.
Off Road Group km 160 – Road group km 120

day 2 • Monday 3 July
Berat – Corovode – Permet
The road group has the opportunity to visit the city and its Castle for a few hours. Once reached by road the city of Polican awaits us a first and beautiful dirt road on the edge of the Natural Park of Mali i Tomorrit in front of Mount Tomorr with its 2.415 Meters. Once in Corovode we will travel by road the Canyon on the Osum river maybe rejoining the group on the road. Then an amazing dirt road in the Kombetar Natural Park until you reach Permet for the overnight stay. Before arriving in Permet, a stop is a must to visit the Petran thermal baths.
Off Road Group 180 – Road Group 115

day 3 • Tuesday 4 July
Permet – Kalambaka
Today's stage involves the passage from the Greek border along the customs road of Melissopetra, in the direction of the Vikos Gorges Natural Park. A series of winding roads surrounded by nature will be a constant for the whole group in asphalt and, beautiful dirt roads in the mountains for off-roaders, they will take us to the beautiful Pindov Park and then get off and reach Kalambaka for the overnight stay. This town is famous for the presence of the Meteora, sandstone cliffs on top of which the Orthodox Monasteries were built. In addition to being one of the most visited destinations in all of mainland Greece, it is considered a sacred place and a World Heritage Site and UNESCO.
Off Road Group 220 – Road Group 235

day 4 • Wednesday 5 July
Kalambaka – Kalambaka
Beautiful loop ride along dirt roads in the area north of Kalambaka and then descend to Trikala and return again to the Hotel. Always a ring will take the road group in Pindov Park and then to Trikala and return. For lovers of cultural visits the opportunity to dedicate the entire, or half day, to discover the beauties of the Monasteries.
Off Road Group km 175 – Road Group km 165

day 5 • Thursday 6 July
Kalambaka – Metsovo – Kipoi
Intense day with a series of spectacular routes in the Pindov Nature Park where we will reach some ski resorts. For the stradists a stop in the charming town of Metsovo before reaching the evening destination. Continue north to return to the Vikos Gorges area and reach Kipoi, small village for overnight stay.
Off Road Group 245 – Road group km 190

day 6 • Friday 7 July
Kipoi – Gijrokastra
We will leave the mountains of Greece to return to Albania from the border of Kavia after a mixed road and off road route. The asphalt group will travel a stretch of road on Lake Ioannina to continue after the Albanian border towards Saranda for a visit to the karst spring called "Blue Eye". It is an underground spring still little explored, from which crystal clear water comes out and where, for the more adventurous, you can treat yourself to a bath. Not recommended for all colds. The off-roaders in the meantime will face a beautiful ring on Mount Dembel and then reach Gijrokastra for the overnight stay. For lovers of cultural visits, the option is to reach direct Gijrokastra where you can visit the Castle built in the twelfth century and home to one of the most important museums in the country.
Off Road Group km 160 – Road Group km 200

day 7 • Saturday 8 July
Gijrokastra – Berat – Tirana
We leave the beautiful city of Gijrokastra in the direction of Kelcyre where we will take the last dirt track of our tour that will take us back to Berat. Once the road group reaches Fier it will continue in the direction of Lushje and then reach the final finish line, Tirana or Durres for boarding. Once in Berat also the group of off-road riders will continue on asphalt towards Tirana or Durres.
Off Road Group km 220 Tirana – Road Group km 230 Tirana

BalkansTT – participation fees

HARD Trieste-Tirana: Euro 1190

SOFT Trieste-Tirana: Euro 1090

OFFroad Tirana-Tirana: Euro 1140

road (for both tours): Euro 990

PASSENGER (by version only “road” of both tours): Euro 890

SINGLE SUPPLEMENT: Euro 250 (Optional, and subject to availability)

TO ADD: Euro 100 registration fee for each participant – savvies: AXA travel insurance, gadgets (pole + event stickers), Agency FEE, technical organization.

Optional tour cancellation insurance: about 6% of the total travel fee

Registration by 20 may 2023
ATTENTION: passport valid for at least six months from the end of the trip

To register fill out this form and send it to Giovanni Silva: info@viaggiinmoto.net.

At the time of registration a deposit equal to Euro 500,00 – which will be fully returned if the trip is cancelled.

The balance must be paid within 20 days before departure.

The BalkansTT participation fee includes:
7 half board (overnight + breakfast + dinner) in a double/twin room in a three-star hotel (6 for Tirana-Tirana). Medical expenses and baggage theft insurance. Italian coordinators on motorcycles, assistance with support vehicle and luggage transport for SOFT versions, HARD of Trieste-Tirana and Tirana-Tirana offroad (excluding the road versions). Route road book.

The BalkansTT participation fee does NOT include:
Drinks and extras at restaurants. Midday meal. Entrance to tourist places. Taxi transfers in the cities. Tips for visits to religious buildings.
Rc insurance for destination countries when not included in your green card.
Personal roadside assistance and motorcycle repatriation insurance (ES. Europ Assistance, to be stipulated by the customer).
Optional tour cancellation insurance (as per the policy conditions present in the attachment sent/delivered together with this program).
We invite you to properly consider the opportunity to stipulate policies with the aforementioned coverages.
Anything not provided for in the entry : "The price includes".

Trip cancellation penalties:
The amount of the registration fee (100 Euro) until 60 days before departure;
50% of the total amount due up to 30 days before departure;
From the 29th day to the total penalty departure of the travel fee.

Each tour will be confirmed with at least 15 participants.

Paolo Ciapessoni

He began his experience as a traveler very early visiting most of the continents going to unfrequented places and off the tourist routes.
For years he has been working as an expert guide in destinations and organizes expeditions in various parts of the world, in particular Africa and the Balkans.
Contributor to the magazine Mototurismo, plays the role of speaker in navigation workshops with the help of satellite devices.

Andrea Leggieri

For over a quarter of a century it has been organizing excursions and motorcycle events around Italy and the world, from Africa to Asia.
With the Balkans he has always had a special relationship of affection, having lived and worked there for a long time both before and during the tragic civil war that bloodied them in the nineties.
As soon as conditions allowed, organized the "Blue Helmets Ride for Peace", accompanying beautiful groups of motorcyclists to bring a message of peace – click here to browse the report on the first edition -, and now he is very happy to be able to return with an event entirely dedicated to leisure and fun on two wheels!

Giovanni Silva

I have been a motorcyclist and travel agent for more than 30 years, with the Moto Rendez-Vous project I want to combine passion and professionalism in the planning of motorcycle trips.
From the first motorcycle experiences in Europe to the following in America and Africa with road and enduro bikes, I never stopped traveling by motorbike and doing enduro.
For some years I have acquired the qualification of off-road driving instructor of the Motorcycle Federation and as part of the Enduro Trail project, I manage an Enduro School for maxi enduro with the aim of teaching all those who have motorcycles over 150Kg, the secrets of enduro and the pleasure of broadening motorcycle horizons.

Email: info@balkanstt.org

Andrea Leggieri +39 393 4690651

Paolo Ciapessoni +39 348 8551518

Romagnosi Street, 52 • 29121 Piacenza

Referent: Giovanni Silva
Tel. +39 328 8430292

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