Welcome to the paradise of Strade Bianche!

Splash-goldWe like insanely immerse ourselves with our two wheels in nature, so we try all the most beautiful cartways-the Chianti hills to the steppes of Mongolia- to go riding our bike enduro, precisely that we drive everyday to go to work or travelling on weekends, no need to turn this into a post-atomic bomb, nor to transform ourselves in Veterans of the Paris-Dakar.

For us the pleasure of riding a bike is to arrive with a smile to see the world from a perspective that those who do not will not ever emancipates from asphalt.

To maximize it, Let's from time to time depending on the circumstances of combining the freedom of driving independently with the peace of mind of travel with a group of friends.

We always try to combine fun&safety, first of all, helping to identify the most suitable locations to experience, starting from simple ones like "the heroic©”, and then gradually exploring – depending on personal taste- paths that may require more confidence or training. In this regard we cooperate with the most qualified driving schools, from which we tailor courses tailored to the needs of our travel enduro.

But as soon as we descend from the bike we run immediately to pursue other pleasures, from that of conviviality to that of good food, curious about the typical of countries and towns that host us.

"Hospitality", What a beautiful word! We are grateful to the places and people that give us many beautiful emotions, and for that we treat them with the utmost of respect.

We like to call ourselves the "Club less exclusive of all": the only prerequisites are sharing our philosophy of off-road kind and the commitment to maintain a cheerful behavior by gentleman! All bikes are equally welcome, regardless of make or model, as long as they comply with the rules of the road and in good order for maintenance, though-by real "Heroic"- We cannot hide a particular passion for those vintage!

Hopefully happen soon a nice opportunity to meet us in person, Meanwhile the RIGHT TRACK at all!

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