The only, Vera, inimitable Woodstock enduro

Gaiole in Chianti 17/19 may 2024


We celebrate the beauty of the white roads …

Welcome to "Dust&Glory – on the streets of the heroic© in motion ", the only official: a path of 208 km asphalt roads half half immersed in the most beautiful part of Tuscany; the atmosphere of a real “Rally” and the friendship that only between gentlemen (and gentlemen! :-)) bikers you can enjoy, benchmark for enduro and tourist must in particular for lovers of “vintage”, not to mention the kitchen!
See you all year round on and OFF the road, But the + big party is here, in Paradise in Chianti! – Beware of imitations

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A Dust&Gloria 2024 missing…


Inseguiamo la bellezza,
non sempre la raggiungeremo
ma il viaggio ci avrà lasciato qualcosa

Heroic Car in Moto,

a quante edizioni è arrivata “Dust&Gloria”?! BOH, abbiamo perso il contoorami siamo diventati un appuntamento classico, immancabile nella agenda di tante amiche e amici, e ci concentriamo nel coltivare i semi del nostro stile da gentiluomini fuori dagli schemi: respect, conviviality, the pursuit of happiness in the beautiful and the good, to put it in the words of the poet Tonino Guerra: “creating places to stop our rush, and wait for our soul“.

Meanwhile, in the wake of this spirit of ours heroic, They sprouted like mushrooms after a downpour thousand thousand new events – Beware of imitations, and come and enjoy the unique and original “Heroic in motion”, Of course based in Gaiole in Chianti, where we celebrate our most inevitable annual meeting for a healthy indigestion of “Dust&Gloria”.

We trust as usual on your heroic collaboration for the best success of this SUPER-PARTY!

To all a warm LAMPeggio greeting, Andrea


The main ingredients of the recipe of "Dust&Glory on the roads of the heroic”© in motion " are:

– the most beautiful Italy: the countryside and the hills of Tuscany, famous worldwide for the unique landscape value and the widespread wealth of art and history, seeing extraordinarily privileged terms: those dirt roads leading to kilometers light years away from the ugliness of concrete and traffic;

-the most exciting motorcycle: superfluous talk, everyone knows the chills that controversy dredged up his bike sa. The enduro bike in particular have been able to rewrite a new epic of two wheels, opening the borders, sometimes even those of fantasy, new horizons. Older ones have incorporated dust and the memories of many adventures big and small already experienced; the latest technology that promises to feel at home even to remote destinations. But they are large or small, new or vintage, prestigious combat or, Basic or accessoriatissime, know how to turn on the most important sources of energy:

-the passion of becoming, together: along with themselves, in the depths of your helmet driving on a sunny dirt road; together with friends, are they the most expensive or those just met at a crossroads or in the shade of a beautiful leafy tree; together with the people that we live, curious and friendly to us than we are of them and their country.

The program will try to put all participants in ideal conditions to enjoy these pleasures of life, in a relationship of great respect for the territory that welcomes us.

By the heroic “Fourth Full”, some questions that are often asked by those who have never done the path of L'Eroica.

It can be done with a road bike?
Yes, if done with due caution you do quietly even with road bikes ( Naked, Bonneville, scrambler etc…). I strongly advise against super road.

If it rains or rained in the previous days, you do well anyway without danger?
Yes, because the white roads are made up of brecciolino that drains the rain very well, better than the water-draining asphalt of highways, certain some pool there might be, but nothing worrying or dangerous. Always consider that the roads soono always very well maintained.

How many hours does it take to ride the whole ride?
To do it as best I recommend at least 8 total commitment hours, Why:
-100 km are asphalt, then 2 hours. ( Average 50 km/h)
-100 km of are of white roads, then 3 hours. ( Average 33,3 km/h)
-1 hour of photo stops along the way.
-2 hours between lunch stop+petrol stop+various and any.
-Total 8 hours, but if you take more to do it it's even better.

Recommended season?
Between April and May it is perfect, but also autumn. April/May because the hills of the Val d'Orcia will be of a bright green model ”Irish hills”, little dust, few people. Autumn because the Chianti vineyards will be full of colors, between green, yellow and red. Always few people and always little dust. Summer to avoid, too much dust and too many people too hot. In winter it is disreciable if you are novice because it is dark too early and you would be forced to go around too quickly.

Always be polite to the people you meet along the way. Meet many cyclists, Walkers ( part of the tour is included in the route of the Via Francigena) and also people on horseback. Slow down so as not to raise the dust, greeted and divided, so you'll save yourself some damn

The Heroic in motion at least once in a lifetime must be done!

The event is limited in number, exclusivelywhile on pre-registration


all activities are based in Gaiole in Chianti

Friday 17 may:

from 9,15, Specific OnOff driving course for maxi-enduro – enrollment in part;

PRE-event: for those who pass by the parts of Castelfiorentino - Italy, from 15,00 at 18,oo, possibility to visit that sanctuary of the passion for vintage enduro that is the’workshop-museum of “Peruzzi Brothers”, without false modesty the reference point worldwide for the restoration of G/S; About having a certain history, These days the activity celebrates its first 100 years …

from 15,00 at 20,30: reception and registration of participants;
from 20,30: convivial dinner with tasting menu Tuscan cuisine;

  • APPETIZER: Red and black croutons, salami, ham and finocchiona
  • FIRST: Bean soup with roasted bread, penne ragù
  • SECOND: wild boar in unmid with a side of sautéed rapi
  • SWEET: tart and Vinsanto

later at 20,30 the welcome will continue until 24,00, consistent with the requirements of logistics.

Saturday 18 may:

from 08,00 at 10,00: appointment in the square of Gaiole, and departure of pilots, one each 20 seconds;
from 16,00 at 20,00: arrival in Gaiole, signature of “Heroic In Motorcycle Hall of Fame” and withdraw participation Prize
from 20,30: dinner with tasting menu Tuscan cuisine, short menu.

Sunday 19 may:


  1. meeting in Castiglion Fiorentino dedicated to Fabrizio Meoni together with his family, to friends, to the Moto Club and to the Association dedicated to him;
  2. possibility to participate in the 1st edition of DGR-Siena

And then … Goodbye to the HEROIC 2025!

* NB: the menus are fixed, those with special dietary requirements please let us know in advance – We will try to satisfy as far as possible.

Fotopower 2017

Le iscrizioni apriranno a Gennaio 2023

x info contact the 393.46.90.651 or

l path is that of “Heroic”©, in its complete form, equal to 208 kilometers, half paved and half white road, all roads of ordinary movement, where then apply all the rules of the highway code and common sense.

The entire route is well signposted, Why not serve even the map, much less no gps or other devilry, Let the soul breathe all that well of God where you will be immersed – I'll tell you more details here!

The only support is consistent with the spirit of the event is a healthy paper road book, You can get simply by doing a free donation via PayPal to “Fondazione Fabrizio Meoni”, specifying in causal “Road Book Dust&Glory – on the streets of the heroic© in motion”.

The meeting are welcome all motorcycle enduro, divided into three categories: the “Heroic“, approved until 31/12/1999 -I'm a bit’ the “Queens” of the event-, the “Saranno Famose“, approved after 01/01/2000, for once will be the bridesmaids, e-news!- the “Zero +” with electric motor.
With due caution, the Eroica is easily done even with road bikes ( Naked, Bonneville, scrambler etc… – Highly discouraged the super road, as far as there were those who participated, with great taste!, riding a “Thunder”); the category is dedicated to them “FRIENDS“.

At the time of inscription don't forget to send pictures of your beloved mounts for the Historic Register: side view or three/quarters, either right or left view, with the photo image to fill the frame and reasonably neutral background, as in the examples below!

side view

view 3_4

Enjoy "Dust&Gloria”, unless you have the outrageous fortune of living within fifty kilometres from our base in Gaiole in Chianti, You should gear up to spend on site both on Friday and Saturday nights.

There are so many opportunities in the surroundings of Gaiole accommodation for every taste and every budget; you are of course free to decide which contact, con l’unica cautela possibilmente di non allontanarsi di oltre15/20 km dall’abitatodiciamo di cercare di rimanere più o meno fra Radda e Cavrigliaconsiderando i due rientri dopo cena🙂

The most heroic remains, Thanks to the availability of our guests gaiolesi, the bivouac on the soft grass of the municipal soccer field (two minutes walking distance from our base) using the toilet building (so toilets and showers) of the structure, the symbolic figure really euros 20 fee per person for both nights.

Oh well be "Heroic", But even before we are real gentlemen, and even once we get off the bike we continue to stand out with casual elegance!

Che combinazione di colori ci inventeremo con il nostro mitico affezionato Tony, guarantee of unsurpassed quality?!

Plush, as usual, will be available by reservation only, to be done preferably together with the pre-registration, and in any case not later than 1° of April, When we will start the production.

The boss is really top quality, both in materials that in manufacturing, not to mention the lavish goldwork – ask anyone who already bought a!

Special attention should be paid to the choice of the size: Since this is true "Made in Italy", the measures are not those sbalargone which has accustomed us American/Chinese production, but much more tight dress, so it is essential to always choose a size larger than "commercial". In short, If the hoodies you buy to tell the Decathlon are M, Here you will need to choose the L, And so on.

Meanwhile enjoy a rundown of previous years' versions …



GSSS Course

Even for the 2023 You can add to your participation in Dust&Gloria un corso di guida OnOff specifico per maxi-enduro a cura degli Istruttori GSSS to sharpen your driving technique on dirt and to discover other great locations of Countryside.

The Course will focus on techniques to safely and master the dirt roads even a little’ uneven surfaces, also looking at the techniques necessary to deal with more difficult steps such as very bumpy funds, Furrows, and tight uphill curves.

The course will be held on Friday, 19 may , with theory and exercises at a dirt area and a quick tour on dirt roads of the Chianti hills:


hours 9:15 Ritrovo a Gaiole per accoglienza al Corso OnOff

hours 9:30 – 11:00 Theory: off-road riding technique with maxi-enduro;

hours 11:15 – 12:30 Practical exercises in motion in space;

hours 12:45 Light lunch all together (extra quota);

hours 14:30 Departure of Group on route OnOff (about km 50) with educational stops;

End tours for anybody in Gaiole in Chianti for credit to Dust&Gloria.

Minimum number 15 participants (with 2 Instructors). In case of not reaching the minimum number will occur together whether to cancel with refund or reformulate the cost of registration fee. The course takes also in case of rain.


The entry fee is equal to: 140,00 €

The fee includes course material and material GSSS (stickers, t-shirt).


Taken into account the beauty and hospitality of the territory that hosts us, as organizers of Dust&Glory – on the streets of the heroic© in motion We expect, by all participants at the event, beyond full respect for the “Regulation” Formal, a test specimen of that attitude of attention, curiosity and concern that distinguishes the true mototravellers.

First of all, the meeting was purely tourism, discovery of an ancient region of unspoilt beauty and charm, of its landscape and its culture world-wide famous, reflected in the nobility of mind and behavior of people who are privileged to inhabit it.

I admire, the we will breathe, you will taste enraptured, with grace it deserves and that inspires, leaving behind us a faint imprint tessellated and a beautiful memory, that prelude to numerous goodbye.

For the organisation of Dust&Glory – on the streets of the heroic© in motion reserves the right to refuse, or dismiss at any time, in its sole discretion, the presence not in tune with the spirit that.

For the rest, l’Heroic© is a path that unfolds on ordinary roads, paved roads and no, open to normal traffic, so each one is directly responsible for the behaviour of strict compliance with the highway code and any other rule of law and common sense, and is personally responsible for your conduct and consequences.

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