Winter Heroes
also on the weekend "the Blackbird"

Tuscany, 3/5 Febbraio 2023


Momento complicato? Stagione fredda e incerta? Allora abbracciamo un territorio in tutta la sua bellezza e bontà!
E se dobbiamo stringere la cinta, che sia quella senese! 🙂
WHAT ABOUT YOU? Siete pronti a sfidare ilGenerale Invernonel fine settimana della Merla, quello proverbialmente più gelido dell’anno?!
allora cominciate a tremare!!

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The missing…


A winter without our beloved country roads is unbearably long? Then we challenge him straight to the heart, that weekend said “of the Blackbird” which is proverbially the coldest of the year!

As a matter of fact, ad alcune “Winter Heroes” davvero eroiche se ne sono intervallate altre in cui un clima a dir poco tiepido e un paesaggio già mezzo in fiore ci fecero dono di un imprevedibile antipasto di primavera.

Questa 8° edizione segna il ritorno nella madrepatria della “Winter Heroes”, le colline senesi, con base in un collaudato Hotel 4 stelle con piscina riscaldata, un percorso favoloso, and the usual indigestion of delights and fun!

Friday 3 February
– hours 15.00-19.30: reception at “Hotels Montaperti“; registration, delivery of material, accommodation in the rooms;
– hours 20.30: convivial dinner;
– hours 22.00: briefing on the route; overnight.

Saturday 4 February
– from 7.00, breakfast;
– hours 08.30-09.30: start – one driver every 30 seconds;
– hours 17.00: return to Hotel;
– hours 20.00: convivial dinner;
– hours 22.00: Annual general meeting of Tamoè S. D., presentation of the charts and related awards; overnight.

Sunday 5 February
– from 7.30, breakfast;
– hours 08.30-12.30: ulteriore escursione, with tasting and toast of GOODBYE at the finish line 2024!

Nota bene: the dinners will be strictly based on local specialties – soon we will publish our menus, not recommended for reading with no appetite, vegetarians and faint of heart! Dietary requirements to inform in advance the Organization.

LIMITED NUMBER – reservation-only

The program will be enriched with details as we get closer to the event; If you want to always be punctually updated of any news, write to!
Come back often to visit us-surprises!- and see you in an unforgettable weekend of good food and roads!!

A lampeggione, BUONAPPETITO!!

Participation is limited to subscribers in “Tamoè” ASD/ENDAS members


To ensure the highest organizational quality of the event the Participation is limited in number, and only by pre-registration, or while anticipated availability; later will be accepted only subject to availability at the property in which is based the event.

Below is a detailed Road-book of the registration procedure:

Stage 1: fill in the participation request form;

Stage 2: verified the correctness of all documentation, We will communicate the bank details to pay the relative fees;

Stage 3: upon receipt of the credit you will receive a confirmation email, But if you have any doubt do not scruple to contact us!!

Confirmation of pre-registration a fee equal to Euro 170 within the 10/01/2023 (subject to availability of places) to secure the services of accommodation and meals (2 overnight stays in a double room, 2 breakfasts, the Friday night dinner) structure in which is based the event,

To complete your registration the participation fee equal to Euro 170 within the 20/01/2023 that includes:
1. all material of the event (stickers, gadgets, informative material, etc.)
2. dinner on Saturday evening
3. the tastings and all entertainment activities both at the base of the event that Saturday and Sunday along the way,
4. prizes and gifts by draw on the evening of Saturday,
5. a contribution to general expenses of organization.

Participation in the event is reserved to associated with “Tamoè ASD” or other companies of the circuit “ENDAS”, and implies the full acceptance of its rules. For those who are not already associated, the annual membership fee to Tamoè ASD -organizer of the event-, affiliated to the national circuit ENDAS, is equal to Euro 10,00.

The reservation fee, in case of non-participation, is non-refundable, but is transferable to other participants not registered yet, via communication to within hours 12,00 by Wednesday, 1 February.
LAMPSSSsssssssssss from everyone!

What Winter Will Be?! As mild as the last, or ignorant as in the old days?!? BOHHhhhhhh!

When in doubt, this is how we proceed: if you study one “Robust”, with a bottom that can hold a “average winter”, And then:
1) you keep your fingers crossed to the last;
2) a full inspection is carried out the day before the event;
3) based on the findings of that survey, in the Friday night briefing we'll show you -- based on a real-time assessment, unless last-minute snowfall- that route that we believe has the safety/fun features according to our standards, hoping it doesn't imply significant cuts compared to the one originally planned.

For this eighth edition we return to our homeland, le colline senesi, that even in the middle of winter have always been very welcoming, So we have reason to be very confident!!

In any case,, NO PASSENGER and GOMME BEN SCOLPITE (Repeat, well sculpted, that is, you don't need the combat tiled but you don't even show up with exquisitely road tyres, case even a little’ with fruit …). Taking into account the intrinsic characteristics of the route, and the rigor of the season, We would classify it as difficulty level MEDIUM; In any case, we will indicate all the points in which to use particular precautions, and detours for those who prefer to proceed on asphalt.

In short … We have to soak for a while longer’ 🙂


Participation is limited to subscribers in “Tamoè” ASD, or members ENDAS for 2023

Given the truly exceptional circumstances – due to the pandemic- in which we are organizing this meeting, We invite you to read carefully the “Winter Heroes Rules 2023“;

for any eventuality, We are available to the General contacts.

As usual, given the unpredictability of the weather and therefore the conditions of the route, participation in Winter Heroes is foreclosed to the passenger;

but considering the beauty of the places and the proximity of our “Base” to many extraordinary destinations - starting from Siena, unless 10 Kilometers-, However, we felt it appropriate to provide for the possibility of hosting “Escorts”, who will be able to enjoy the entire program except for the motorcycle activities during the Sabbath; The due charge for the escort is set in euros 250 per person (always in the double/double room), and includes, in addition to accommodation and board services (2 overnight stays in a double room, 2 breakfasts, the Friday night dinner) structure in which is based the event:

– Saturday dinner,
– participation in the evening with lottery after dinner on Saturday,
– tastings and entertainment activities on Sundays,
– a contribution to general expenses of organization.

We are well aware of the many unknown factors which affect the longed-for perfect himself by a weekend like this; to avoid being left with a fistful of flies in your hand, as always, we invite you to consider:

  • can I replace: until practically the last minute a person already registered and unable to participate may indicate a third person to replace him;
  • can I come by car: the purpose of our meetings is to “have fun together”, and the real fun can never be separated from the safety; so far beyond what is prescribed by the highway code, We recommend always to move with extreme caution, and if for any reason – would you like a meteorological uncertainty, do you want a health acciacchetto- don't you feel fully relaxed starting in motion, to consider the possibility of participating in car: you are always welcome, and although certainly not yourselves as colleagues on motorcycles, You can be assured that you will spend a wonderful weekend!

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